Here are some posts related to “demo” and “demoscene” culture; an audio-visual art created by very advanced computer programming technique.


– What is Demoscene?(デモシーンとは?)

– Interview with Demosceners(インタビューシリーズ)

– Related Posts(デモシーン関連記事)

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“The demoscene is a wonderfully challenging way of escapism for people who are sometimes ‘too artsy to be nerdy, too nerdy to be artsy’

「 “オタクと呼ぶには芸術的すぎて、芸術家と呼ぶにはオタクすぎる”タイプの人にとって、デモシーンは難しいけどやりがいを感じられる素晴らしい現実逃避の場所だよ。」

– Gargaj, demoscener


Demoscene is an international computer subculture started out around early 80s by young people cracking computer games at the time. Since then, along with the technology advancement, the culture has evolved into the place where people show off their programming skills, music skills, graphics skills etc through audiovisual presentations called “demos”. Demoparties, the events to presents their demos, have held regularly and globally. The demos in recent years are often cited as an example of digital arts and have attracted the attention from various fields. In 2020, Finland accepted the Demoscene on its national UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, then Germany in 2021, and Netherlands followed in 2023.



There are a lot of resources out there to understand what demoscene is, but I personally like the documentary film called “Moleman 2 – Demoscene – The Art of the Algorithms”. You can watch the entire film on YouTube (here) in several languages. (I did Japanese subtitle!) Check out this enticing and mysterious 3D programming world. Interview with the director, Szilárd Matusik can be read here.

「デモシーンとは何か?」について説明しているサイトはたくさんあるのですが、個人的には「Moleman 2 – Demoscene – The Art of the Algorithms(デモシーン: アート・オブ・アルゴリズム)」というドキュメンタリー映画が気に入っています。デモシーンの歴史から実際にデモを作っている現場の映像まで、謎が多くも素晴らしい3Dプログラミングの世界を90分間で分かりやすく紹介している作品です。全編YouTubeで公開されています(こちら)。日本語の字幕をつけましたので、ぜひご覧くださいませ!映画の監督、シラード・マツシックさんのインタビューはこちら

Interview with Szilárd Matusik, the director of “Moleman2 – Demoscene”

シラード・マツシックさん、ドキュメンタリー映画「Moleman2 – Demoscene」監督にインタビュー


Why I got interested in demoscene is explained in this page.


“Who is Demoscener?” – What I’ve learned from interviewing them

「デモシーナーとは誰なのか?」 ~デモシーナーへのインタビューから学んだこと~




Interview with active demosceners…


#15: noby from Epoch, Prismbeings 🇫🇮 [2023.08.03]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#14: Flopine from Cookie Collective 🇫🇷 [2021.03.30]

Read in English / 日本語で読む

#13: 0x4015 🇯🇵 [2017.06.06]

Read in English / 日本語で読む

#12: Cryptic from Approximate 🇸🇪 [2016.01.15]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#11: Pixtur from Still, LKCC 🇩🇪 [2015.06.18]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#10: Navis from ASD 🇬🇷 [2015.04.21]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#9: iq from RGBA 🇪🇸 [2014.09.11]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#8: kb from Farbrausch 🇩🇪 [2014.07.17]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#7: kioku from System K 🇯🇵 [2014.02.25]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#6: Gloom from Excess, Dead Roman 🇳🇴 [2013.12.19]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#5: Smash from Fairlight 🇬🇧 [2013.10.18]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#4: Zavie from Ctrl-Alt-Test 🇫🇷 [2013.08.11]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#3: Preacher from Brainstorm, Traction 🇫🇮 [2013.05.30]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#2: Gargaj from Conspiracy, Ümlaüt Design 🇭🇺 [2013.03.08]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 


#1: q from nonoil/gorakubu 🇯🇵 [2013.01.08]

Read in English / 日本語で読む 




🔵Tokyo Demo Fest 2016 [2016.2.29]

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🔵Party Report: Tokyo Demo Fest 2013 [2013.02.17]
Tokyo Demo Fest 2013に行ってきました

🔵“Moleman2 – Demoscene – The Art of the Algorithms” [2012.10.30]




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