“Coding Style” – 90s Japanese Demoscene Book

先日Twitterで、90年代に日本で出版されたデモシーンの本のことを教えていただきました。(赤帯さん、ありがとうございます!ちなみに、赤帯さんのウェブサイトでは、チップチューンやデモシーンに関連する批評や資料がたくさん公開されていますよ!) せっかく紹介してもらったし、おそらくご興味をお持ちの方もいらっしゃると思うので、ちょっとだけご紹介させていただきます!
The other day via Twitter, Akaobi-san told me about a Japanese demoscene book published in 90s. (Thank you! btw on Akaobi-san’s website, you can check his strong and detailed critics and data around chiptunes and demoscene.) I guess there may be some people out there who’s interested in this type of thing, so I’ll reveal a bit about what’s inside… 🙂
The cover. Fluoro-green x Purple. Very 90s. Very Cyber.


From its Index page: Check out the group names. “A coder’s way of life” presents the
typical lifestyle of democoders and I think the right side picture sums up that
description (drinking coke, sitting in front of the PC all day…) 


Coding Style』(光琳社出版)というタイトルですが、デモのコードに関する記述はほとんどなく、「デモシーンとは何なのか」という説明や、The Party 1997(デンマークで開催されていた大規模なデモパーティー)に参加した際のレポート、参加グループのアンケート、デモシーンの関係者へのインタビューで構成されています。デモシーンに詳しくない方でも、90年代のサブカル本として楽しめるのではないでしょうか。(まぁ、老若男女誰でも楽しめる内容とはいえないけど、、笑)

The title of this book is “Coding Style” but it has nothing to do with code itself. It’s more like a subculture magazine type of book, featuring articles around “what is demoscene?”, party report of The Party 1997, little Q&A with participants (group) of that party, some interview with demoscene-related people. Though it’s definitely not for everyone :D, I think it’s fun and easy-to-read book… there’s lot of pictures.

Some group/people were featured like teen idols… 😀 Group questionnaire includes
“How long do you usually sit in front of the PC?” Fudge answered “0-18h” 

This book was published in 1998, and it naturally reflects the scene situation back then; it was when Northern Europe scene was demonstrating its overwhelming presence, it was when people check the participants with thick list (really?), it was when Dune/Orange was known as a coder (Really? Thought he has been a musician all the time…) and it was when internet connection was still quite precious. The book’s candid party report includes the candid comments from participants and very candid portrayal of thousands of teenage boys collecting uh… indecent images all day long 😀 (I’m not gonna translate this. “Thank god we now have internet at home” is all I can say) Well, it’s now all history, it’s all fun.

Not sure how this was perceived in Japan back then, but it’s nice to know that there was a book like this… I enjoyed it 🙂


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